Below is a list of selected clients who work with Kocian Instruments

Katz Marina

Maritime Classics

Antique Boat Center

The Wooden Runabout

Bay Lake Classics

Frontier Classics

Cutwater Boatworks

Freedom Boat Service

Bergersens Boat Company

Crockers Boat Yard

Muller Boatworks

Meretaugh Boatworks

Mayea Boatworks

NW Classic Boats

Moes Marine

Dockside Boatworks

Fish Brothers

Great Northern Boatworks

Oswego Boat Company

Snake Mountain Boatworks

Vintage Marine

Woodies Restorations

Sunrise River Boatworks

Mark Mason

Runabout Restorations

New England Boat & Motor

Wood Boat Endeavor

Lowell Boats

Ball Boatworks

Rejuvenation Woodworks

Antique Classic Boats

Antique Boat shop

Kurt’s Restorations